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About Us

About Us


Our VisionOur Vision

To be the best nationwide company serving EEOICPA recipients. To provide superior patient centered care, service and education to the population we serve. To be able to have a positive impact on the lives of all recipients of the EEOICPA who need our help or service.



Our MissionOur Mission

Our mission at Loyal Service Agency is to provide the highest quality of patient centered in-home health care to EEOICPA recipients.




Our PhilosophyOur Philosophy

Do the right thing. Always be loyal to our patients. Put our patient’s needs first.




Our StoryOur Story

Loyal Service Agency began as a small seed planted as a request, which turned into a dream which then became reality. As a nurse treating those affected with the illnesses related to their work in the uranium and energy industry, I saw first hand the suffering of my patients. I always strived to do more and provide better care for my patients and they recognized this and a request was made.


white_spaceSome of my patients asked, why didn’t I open my own home health company, so I could ensure all of the people could receive the quality of care and service they deserved and not be treated as just a number. So with that, a seed was planted. I discussed this with my husband who, at the time was still a New Mexico State Police officer. We kept discussing this and finally decided to do what we felt was best for my patients, we started the process of opening Loyal Service Agency.


white_spaceThere were 5 patients and 2 nurses who fully and completely believed in us to provide a higher quality of care, the best service and to make a difference in the lives of those who came to us for help. This is why our company is named Loyal, because those 5 patients and 2 nurses had faith and believed in us, they were in fact…Loyal. With the help of those patients and nurses as well as some people who were not even my patients at the time, and countless days and nights hard work from my husband and myself, Loyal started growing and has kept growing with the help of so many individuals.


white_spaceAs we continued to grow, we needed office staff, we were blessed to be able to hire the staff we have at Loyal, they are one of our greatest assets. They recognize our purpose of being a company built for our patients and always strive to place our patients first. Our dream has had many ups and downs, but always, we remember those we serve; this, is one of the reasons Loyal continues to grow. When we talk about Loyal, we always remember Loyal is not a company or a person, Loyal is and always will be our patients, because of them, the dream of a patient centered company is reality, they are the people who continue to make Loyal, Loyal.
-Lonnel M. Sandoval-Asebedo RN-


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Registered NurseWe Contract RNs and LPNs

If you like the ability to make your own schedule, have flexible hours, and receive excellent pay, then you should give us a call. Become part of our family and your clients family. Give us a call today to discuss joining our team at 1-855-485-6925.


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Loyal Service Agency is Proud to Partner with Organizations Dedicated to Working for You

United States Department of Labor
ACS a Xerox Company
Total Options Equipment Providers Inc
National Jewish Health
United Steel Workers Local 550
Total Life Care Md
Worker Health Protection Program
Western New Mexico Medical Group - Grants
The Cecil Clinic
Paducah Family Medicine
EEOICPA Building Trades National Medical Screening Program
Dr. Akshay Sood
El Centro Family Health Taos Clinic
Cibola Family Health Center
St Vincent Hospital Leadville Medical Clinic
EEOICPA Pusch Ridge Family Medicine

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