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Loyal Service Agency Inc Employee Login Page

EM Login

Welcome to the Loyal Service Agency, Inc’s Employees Login Page. This page is intended for the use by employees and/or contractors of Loyal Service Agency, Inc. only. Access to the systems below are for those whom hold valid credentials only. Use by anyone other than those with valid credentials is considered unauthorized access and is prohibited.


Any unauthorized access to this system is prohibited and is subject to criminal and civil penalties under Federal Laws (including but not limited to Public Law 99-474). All individuals using any of the systems below are subject to having all activities on any system in use monitored by system or security personnel. Anyone using any of the systems below expressly consents to such monitoring when accessing a system.


LSA SystemsLSA Systems

-Documentation Portal
-CRM Portal
-Payroll Portal
-Policies & Procedures
-Employee & Contractor Handbook

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