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Department of Energy Covered Facilities List

Department of Energy Covered Facilities List

The Department of Energy has created a Facility List Database to provide public access to a summery of information collected for each covered facility under the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act (EEOICPA) listed in the Federal Register.

Loyal Service Agency, Inc. has recreated the Department of Energy Covered Facilities List and enhanced it to include Special Exposure Cohort (SEC) class information as well as applicable policy under the EEOICPA related to each facility.

The summary for each facility includes:

  • Facility Name
  • Also Known As (AKA)
  • State
  • Location/City
  • Facility Type
  • Covered Time Period
  • Contractors
  • SEC Status
  • SEC Covered Time Period
  • Applicable Policy
  • Facility Description

The information in the database can be searched in six different ways: by Facility Name, by State, by SEC Facility,  by Facility Type, by Keyword, and View all Facilities.

View Covered Facilities by Facility Name

Display the record for a specific covered facility. For more informaiton regarding benefits availabe under the EEOICPA, feel free to contact our EEOICPA Liaison.

View Facilities by State

Display records of all covered facilites located in the selected state.

View All SEC Facilities

Display records for all SEC covered facilites.

View Facilities by Type

Display records of all covered facilites by facility type: Atomic Weapon Employer, Beryllium Vendor, or Department of Energy.

View Facilities by Keyword

Search the complete database using a keyword or keywords. Facilities will be listed which include your selected keyword or keywords located in any of the fields.

View All Facilities

Display records for each listed facility. All facilites will be listed in alphabetical order. This option will retunr a very large list (300+facilities), so you may wish to try one of the other search options first.

DOE Covered Facilities Search Results

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