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Durable Medical Equipment

Loyal Service Agency Inc. knows that nothing beats the comfort of being in your own home. We strive to not only deliver the absolutely best experience to our patients, but also their families by delivering personalized in-home health care services. Home Health Care Services such as: Targeted Case Management, Skilled Nursing Care, Home Health Aide or Personal Care Assistant, Physical Therapy, and Respiratory Therapy are delivered by our professional experienced care teams.



Total Options Durable Medical EquipmentTotal Options Equipment Provider

In our dedication to deliver the best experience and care to our patients we have partnered with Total Options. Now we can ensure that your durable medical equipment needs will be properly assessed and filled. Total Options Equipment Providers Inc. is a company who is as dedicated as we are in providing you professional personalized services. They will ensure your durable medical equipment needs are met keeping you in the comfort of your own home. Total Options is the best choice for your Durable Medical Equipment and Supply needs.



Durable Medical EquipmentWhat is Durable Medical Equipment?

Durable Medical Equipment or DME are items that serve a medical need for the treatment or therapy of an illness or physical condition. Durable medical equipment must serve a medical purpose and be able to withstand repeated use. Some examples of equipment that are considered DME include: oxygen concentrators, wheelchairs, walkers, and bathroom/bedroom safety equipment. Total Options will deliver your needed durable medical equipment directly to your home. Loyal Service Agency Inc. is confident that you will get quality durable medical equipment and service with Total Options.



Medical SuppliesWhat are Medical Supplies?

Medical supplies must also serve a medical purpose, but they are not intended for repeated use. Supply items are items used in active treatment or therapy that are disposable or can be consumed. This is also known as a consumable. Some examples of medical supplies include: diabetic monitoring supplies, oxygen tubing, nasal cannulas, and incontinence supplies. Whatever your medical supply needs are, Total Options will be able to meet your needs. They will deliver your medical supplies directly to your home.




The Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Act (EEOICPA) provides medical benefits for Covered Employees with an accepted illness under the Act. Medical benefits for a covered illness include reasonable and customary medical care, prescription drugs, and travel directly associated with the treatment of a covered illness. Such reasonable and customary medical care not only includes in-home health care services but also DME and supplies. You have no out of pocket costs for your durable medical equipment and supplies that are medically necessary for the treatment of your accepted illness as a covered employee under the EEOICPA.



Loyal Service Agency Inc. is proud to be your in-home health care provider of choice and to have partnered with Total Options for your DME needs. Call us today to get started with the best in Home Health Care Providers.

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